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Homeless who have been temporarily housed, ready for long-term, stable homes

Southend Borough Council announce that following significant care and one-to-one support from council services, all our previous rough sleepers and others affected by homelessness are now ready for long-term, stable homes.

As the coronavirus outbreak affected Southend-on-Sea, every homeless person locally was temporarily housed, many in hotels and B&Bs. Since then, council officers have been driven to ensure that the support available was taken up as often as possible, and with one-to-one care, many have progressed to a stage where they are able to rent a property and have a stable home.

In the long-term the council is looking to increase the social housing available. However to get these individuals housed quickly, we are asking private property landlords to consider letting their properties to those who are ready, in our bid to end homelessness in Southend-on-Sea. Support will be available for each landlord, and will include:

  • Initial rent and deposit paid direct by the council, up front

  • A dedicated council officer to call should you wish to discuss any issues with the tenancy

  • Knowledge that we will be ensuring support is provided to the tenant

  • Being able to discuss additional incentives.

Landlords wishing to be a part of ending homelessness in this way should call the housing solutions team on 01702 215002, email or fill in the form on our website

Cllr Ian Gilbert, leader of the council with responsibility for housing, said: “We already knew and worked with rough sleepers in the borough individually, and offered a wide range of support on a regular basis.

“Coronavirus posed a high risk to these vulnerable people. We worked swiftly with our partners including HARP, Clinical Commissioning, STARS and the voluntary sector to house every person temporarily, and have since been driven to ensure that many are ready to move in to rental properties and make them their homes in the long term.

“We would be grateful to landlords who would like to join us to help end homelessness in Southend-on-Sea for good, and are offering up-front rent and deposit payments and a dedicated council officer who you can reach directly to discuss any issues with the tenancy.

“Of course we will continue to support each tenant and help them where necessary in managing their finances and other areas of their life, so their new rental property can become a long-term home.”

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